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We have been rated amongst the top standalone restaurants in India, but which, we most humbly hasten to add, is an entirely relative opinion. We have been humbled by many an award... but we know it’s a long journey before we can adorn ourselves with any such ambitious adulation or acclaim. In the end, it's only yours that counts...

Media Reviews

  • "After more than 12 seasons and with a long list of loyal clients, it needs very little endorsement..."


  • "A Reverie puts a new twist on holiday dining. "


  • "It is a ‘gastronomical orgy"


  • "A hot spot for the glitterati"


  • "A Reverie is as much about stylish living as about food."


  • "An oasis in the middle of visual cacophony..."


  • "One of the more — if not the most — adventurous culinary enterprises in Goa"


  • Aakritee’s cuisine has received and overwhelming response from guests the world over


  • "If it’s true that the devil is in the detail, A Reverie is easily the most satanic meal"


  • "A Reverie is on the must-dine-at list for every gourmet"


  • "Your tongue researches, the salivary glands combines, the mind tries to interpret... heaven."


  • "Chic, stylish and very sophisticated"


  • "Obviously appeals as much to the eyes as it does to the palate...!"


  • "One of the finest dining experiences in Goa."


  • "Place for culinary celebration"


  • "the menu is global-fusion at its best"


  • "Everything Aakritee and Virendra serve... is steeped in the essence of love"


  • "a guaranteed gourmet adventure of flavours and a pleasure for all senses"


  • "an absolute gourmet pilgrimage"

    Sun (UK)

  • "Aakritee’s desserts could inspire poems."


  • "this is the place to spoil yourself..."


  • "A Reverie is rated amongst the top restaurants in the ‘stand alone’ segment in India"


  • "A Reverie is among the classiest addresses in Goa"


  • "Impeccable presentation, a fine balance of textures, tastes and flavors..."


  • "Gourmet haunt on the shores of Calangute Beach"


  • "If at all possible, the food tastes even better than it looks..."


  • "This is a splash out venue"


  • "Artfully plated and served under the stars"


  • "Arguably one of the hottest"


  • "A Reverie a must-visit on your Goan holiday"


  • "A steal given the quality of the food"


  • "A Reverie has become the must visit place for celebs, biz tycoons and the serious foodies"


Patron Reviews

  • "A Reverie ably is spearheaded by the efforts one of the hardest working couple I know in the business"

    Lenny Menezes (Chairman, Hilton Hotels Worldwide in India)

  • "A Reverie is truly a world class experience."

    Vijay Mallya (Industrialist)

  • "Aakritee knows food like Satan knows sin"

    Simone Singh (TV/ Film personality)

  • "It's on my World Top 5 'Must eat in' List"

    Aditya Vikram Somani (Industrialist)

  • "It really doesn't get any better than this"

    Chait Singh (Managing Director, A La Concierge Services)

  • "Having worked and travelled all over the world I often get asked where my favourite restaurant is? Easy answer and it has been since the very first time that I experienced A Reverie 12 years ago"

    Mandi Watson (Gateway Manager Thomas Cook Holidays, India)

  • "A Reverie is the World on a Platter"

    Nakul Anand (Executive Director / Chief Executive ITC Hotels)

  • "Goa’s chicest restaurant owned by Goa’s coolest couple"

    Manoviraj Khosla (Fashion Designer)

  • "A menu that makes you wish your stomach was a cavern."

    Pooja Bedi (TV/ Film/ Media personality)

  • "Aakritee and Virendra have created some real magic with this Goa landmark restaurant."

    Aditya Burman (Industrialist)

  • "A Reverie is such an amazing restaurant because Aakritee and Virendra are so passionate about the food, their guests, their family of staff, the ingredients, the wines, the ambience"

    Ronnie Lobo (Vice President Carlson Hotels Worlwide)

Reviews on Tripadvisor

Average Rating

  • "Take a bow"

    Dining experience which is the work of a creative genius, presented with a flourish, resulting in an explosion on the senses in magical settings & in the most understated of ways. Every experience in the last so many years has been better than the previous. Take a bow!!!

  • "BRILLIANT!!!!!"

    We are retired Restaurateurs and as a Chef trained in Switzerland and loving food I was totally impressed to the extent that I was dreaming about the experience the whole night trying to analyze the various flavours that lingered on. The Chef’s talent to capture the harmony of the multilayered flavours shows real passion for the food she creates and is complemented by the well trained staff. I would come back to Goa just to eat her food again all the way from Tasmania.

  • "Simply Divine"

    If it's possible to be in “heaven’ and “Goa” at the same time, this is where you have both. The owners Aakritee and Virendra do a fabulous job taking care of their guests, their staff is like family and go out of their way to make it a memorable experience for you and your guests. Simply Divine food and ambience.

  • "Simply Irresistible"

    You walk in & you're transported into another world... Utopia? Nah... It’s A Reverie... It’s a dream... an ethereal one. The lighting, the music, the entire set up is just what the love doctor ordered. But it’s the food that matters most... hugely varied (a quick trip around the world!), sheer delight to the eyes & a feast for the taste buds. Desserts in most restaurants in Goa are rather anti climatic, but at A Reverie... Oh My My! The whole experience is so worth it!

  • "The best fine dining in Goa"

    Myself and two friends was in Goa march 2012 .my friend took me to this restaurant and it was an explosion of tastes, This restaurant is a more than answerable for its prices, the quality of food is as good as any fine dining on the planet. To top it all the owner who is also the chef comes to every table to meet and greet and if you’re lucky like we was she will let you try for free new sorbet on the menu to come such as egg and bacon, beetroot ,etc etc . Thanks for the great many evenings we had in there and we will most definitely be spending a lot more time there when we are back 10 stars

  • "Wish I could've picked this restaurant up and put in my home town!"

    I am not a huge fan of curries so I was delighted when we stumbled across this restaurant when looking at menus on Holiday Street. When we walked in all we could say was 'wow', they had created a really beautiful atmosphere. The decor was stunning, even the toilets were gorgeous. I ordered Prawns Three Ways to start, which were decorated with caviar, then fillet steak in a delicious sauce and then the most gorgeous trio of chocolate desserts. The presentation of the food was flawless. The staff was attentive and helpful, I can’t fault this place. What a gem of a place, I would recommend it to anyone. We dined there twice on our 5 day stay in Goa as we knew we couldn't find better. Thank you A Reverie for two fabulous dining experiences.

  • "Delightful, creative and so delicious"

    Wow, I love this restaurant, it’s so unique, beautifully designed and like no other in Goa. The moment we walked in I knew it was going to be an evening I would not forget. The decor so thoughtful, and the open roof so the stars twinkled in the night sky is bliss. The staff where all very nice and the service great for Goa! The mocktails we had were full of exotic yummy flavors. Each course was so well presented, a true art. I'd never seen pear, rocket, and walnuts and balsamic presented so beautifully and the beetroot sorbet finished it out superbly. I had duck for my main and it was a great choice, tender and cooked perfectly with the most complimenting sauce and vegetables to complete a perfect meal. Fortunately we still had room for the dessert; I could not say no to the chocolate platter, oh my mouth waters now to eat it all over again! It truly is an experience not just a meal out. Its food that’s worth paying that extra bit more... Thank you to the kind staff and the owners for making our evening so special... we will see you again...

  • "The best by a mile"

    Once again this restaurant lived up to expectations, the restaurant itself is stunning and really does have the WOW factor, it really is always the highlight of our holiday, in fact we've yet to find one anywhere that comes even close, it could certainly give any of the top London restaurants a run for their money, the food and presentation is second to none, A Reverie is worth every penny, I can't praise it enough

  • "Wonderful, amazing, superb.............."

    A Reverie is truly a wonderful experience; setting, décor, ambience, food and service are just superb. If this was at home there is no way we could afford to eat in somewhere as high class as this. The whole experience was so relaxing and welcoming. The menu is great and has been designed by someone with real passion for food. Cannot recommend it enough for anyone looking for that special night out. Will certainly be back.

  • "One of a kind in Goa"

    Location: a beautiful oasis in the middle of busy Calangute. Food: delicious and served with lots of love and passion. The deserts and especially the chocolate is unforgettable. Indulge yourself in a Reverie - highly recommended!

  • "Doesn't get any better in Goa!"

    Well I've been in Goa for the last four weeks and have had some fantastic nights in A Reverie. We're off tonight with 10 of my new friends for another fantastic experience. You honestly won't find better food, service and ambience in the whole of Goa. Aakritee is a fantastic chef who genuinely takes pride in her menu. She's constantly trying new and innovative ideas. She is also the owner and an amazing hostess. Needless to say I've told as many people as I can about the restaurant and they've all come back and thanked me for telling them about this. I just wish there was a better way to advertise but in Goa word of mouth means everything on the beach so I try to tell as many people as possible. It truly is fine dining at it's best but slightly casual in its approach which works wonderfully. And you can have for example Prawn Three Ways to start followed but a a beautiful succulent filet steak for main (she sources local organic produce only) and Chocolate Three Ways to finish. I sent a couple of friends there last week who got engaged that night and they had a fantastic night made even better thanks to Aakritee’s fantastic extras (rose petals on the table and a beautiful cake for them). They thanked me so much the following day I had to tell Aakritee right away about their fantastic experience. I really can't see how you wouldn't enjoy the experience of a night out in A Reverie. You can eat at the beautifully furnished dining tables on the lower level then retire to the fantastic sofas for drinks and desserts and conversation.Thank you once again Aakritee from myself and Ricky for all the wonderful nights we've had at your restaurant. If you don't try this restaurant then you are missing out of Goa's best hidden secret. If you can get there on a Saturday night they have a fantastic live Jazz singer and musicians but try to book early if you can

  • "Perfect combination of fine cuisine & chill-out"

    We came across such fine resto totally par hazard, as it was our first time in Goa. How glad were we to have decided to give it a try!!! As we walked in, we were already blown away by the decor, the music, and the whole ambiance. Then we looked at the menu - after one whole afternoon of visit in Old Goa, we were starving - we trusted their food would be good, from the class we were seeing all around us. For food, we ordered stuffed chicken breast and vegetarian tapas.Whilst waiting, we felt so relaxed and all chilled out on the nice sofa, sipping wine and just soaked in the ambiance.When the food arrived, which was like in no time, we were like WOW, the presentation we've never seen in India! Then we started to eat, we were both like, hmmm...hmmm... OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, it tastes so damn good!!! We both loved this whole experience, and we think for what they offered, the price was absolutely reasonable. We only stayed in Goa for 3 nights, and had dinner there twice!! I'd like to thank management again for burning for us a CD of their great music compilation.

  • "Probably the best restaurant in India"

    I have sampled great cuisine in almost all major cities in the world -- NYC, London, Paris, San Francisco, etc, and I have to say A Reverie is one of my Top 5 restaurants of all time, and definitely #1 in India. It has the most creative menu I have seen in India, and the food is deliciously cooked and beautifully presented. Add to that the lovely ambiance of the place and the experience is complete. And all that for a fraction of what you would pay for a similar night out in NYC or London.

  • "Amazing"

    Sadly we only discovered this restaurant on our last night in Goa. We did see it the previous year but unfortunately for us we didn't try it. The restaurant's ambience is wonderful with beautiful decorations which include a waterfall, amazing lights and a great layout. The bar is at the top and looks down over all the tables. There are several private booths with tables you can eat at which are decorated very tastefully. The staff was very attentive and nothing was too much, they even gave us extra fans as it was very humid and hot. The food, I have to say was some of the best I have eaten in Goa, well presented and tasted just as good. My only disappointment was we didn't discover it before. The prices are slightly more expensive than other local restaurants but you pay for what you get. If we went to a similar restaurant in the UK we would pay much much more. We will definitely be returning next year.

  • "WOW!"

    Honestly, this restaurant came as a surprise among the little restaurants/cafes that Calangute has to offer. The setting, the food, the service, the music - everything is perfect!

  • "A cool and classy experience"

    With a superb physical environment with good live music that does not disturb the dining experience, this restaurant seems to have it all. The cost of your meal will be well above the local average, but so is the quality. If you want to impress your friends (and wife) this is the place to go and it is in the quiet area of Calangute. In the three months we spent in Candolim/Calangute, this was the best overall experience for that special moment.

  • "Stunning"

    This restaurant stands out from the crowd - the decor - the ambience and then the food which is served cooked to perfection and is just so special. A real treat - well worth splashing out.

  • "A Must Try"

    As a foodie and a traveler this restaurant was a god-send after my week in India. Each dish was prepared with such love and detail. It was surprising to find such a hidden gem amongst all the shacks in the city. Highly recommended to anyone visiting Goa. Aside from the fantastic food, the ambiance of the space is perfect for an evening to remember in Goa, whether it’s spending a quiet evening with your special person or with a group of friend or even dining on your own, A Reverie is definitely high on my list. A nice touch is the tiered seating which allows for people watching and the open concept is perfect for star gazing.

  • "WOW! Awesome, you must try this place"

    We were fortunate to be taken here last Friday by a local Indian friend. WOW what an amazing place. As the previous poster said, this place could give restaurants in London or other capital cities a run for its money. Decor, service and food all top notch. The food was amazing. The atmosphere and decor of this trendy bar/restaurant would not be out of place on Miami Beach. 1st. Class in every respect. If you are in this area you MUST go - you won't be disappointed. Highly recommended.

  • "Goa's Best"

    A superb ambiance - the restaurant's decor is stunning - it only gets better when food is served.Everything we ordered was excellent quality, very tasty and value for money!The desserts are just unimaginably delicious! A MUST MUST go to when in Goa!

  • "Great service and ambience"

    A beautiful setting, décor that's eclectic and original. Fantastic food and presentation and polite courteous staff. Would definitely recommend this place! Starters in particular were excellent and a great menu choice for vegetarians too.

  • "A Must"

    Wow we walked in and I had my mouth open for the first 10 minutes as the place was spectacular. There was no way you would think you were in Goa!!!!The food was exquisite especially the trio of strawberry dessert. Thanks Ricky and Bryan for recommending this fab place. Roll on next year when we can again experience sheer luxury.

  • "Must be Goa's best restaurant"

    Excellent food, service and design were just beautiful. If you really want a great food experience, and a great night this is a place you must try.

  • "Superb setting"

    We visited this restaurant based on trip advisor reviews and we were not disappointed the setting is I would say one of the best in Goa and the service and food were of the highest quality .I can only say please visit you will be stunned by the ambience and the setting. The menu is extensive and all our food was of the highest quality. Hats off to the owners for making this one of the finest restaurants in Goa.

  • "Proper posh nosh"

    Having read the reviews on trip advisor we thought we had to see what all the fuss was all about. Well you really can believe the hype. This was the most luxurious and beautifully presented restaurant we have visited in Goa. The food was absolutely fantastic and the service was excellent. We did not order a starter and we were given complimentary garlic bread with our drinks.We had ordered fillet steaks and they were cooked perfectly. The jus was beautiful as was all the meal. If you go to only one restaurant for a real treat in Calangute make sure you go to this one. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. We were greeted by the owner which was a really nice touch and she bothered to take the time check with all the customers. There was live music and it just complimented the wonderful atmosphere. I really cannot find anything negative to say about this place, try it yourself and tell me you don't agree. Satisfaction guaranteed

  • "Unexpected beauty!"

    I was taken away when we walked from the corridor that leads from Holiday Street into the restaurant area. The decor and attention to detail was truly gorgeous! Service was very good. I had a steak - which was cooked to perfection and the trio of coffee deserts. There was a good choice of food to choose from on the menu and would be worth visiting as a bar if you wanted there is a bar/lounge area on the upper tier with tables mainly lower down.

  • "Most awesome food and presentation"

    We live in Delhi and there is no dearth of excellent fine dining places but I swear on anything this is the best in all ways, be it food quality and authenticity, ambience and pricing topped with most efficient service. We visited on the last day of our visit though we were staying only a stone’s throw away at THE PARK and regret not having visited earlier else we would frequented it more often. Once again many many thanks for a grand finale to our trip to GOA.

  • "Faaaaaantastic!!"

    We were a group of 10 people who visited for dinner. What a lovely ambience. Even though it is on a busy street, once inside you are transported to a different world. Starters: chicken wings - really innovative a succulent sun dried tomato bruschetta - smoked cheese gave a brilliant flavor. Wasabi prawns- very refreshing chicken liver pâté - lovely Main course: lobster Thermidor - excellent John Dory - the best dish of the evening ( We ordered a second dish as we enjoyed it so much !!!) Well done and keep it up.

  • "Spectacular restaurant"

    My then boyfriend asked our taxi driver for a 'special' restaurant as it was Boxing Day and our first night in Goa. This restaurant doesn't get more special! The decor was stunning! Nicer than any restaurant at home! And the toilets were so nice I had to take a photo! The service was brilliant, the staff explained all the dishes we were unsure of and spoke good English. We had a bottle of champagne and both had fillet steak. It was the biggest fillet I've eaten, at home I couldn't afford a fillet that big at home! My boyfriend proposed to me- I had no idea but all the staff knew and made our night so special! They presented us with a letter to congratulate us and a complimentary dessert which was beautiful, some kind of chocolate mousse! If you want a restaurant that has that wow factor and excellent value then you have to go here! It only cost around 3600 rupees!

  • "A-MA-ZING!!!!!!!"

    This is the best restaurant I have ever been in and if this was in London I wouldn't even be able to afford to go through the door! It's expensive for Goa but for us, cheaper than a meal at Pizza Express! The place is gob-smackingly gorgeous, set in a landscaped area which goes uphill to a bar at the top, part covered with the highest bamboo roof ever. There are little rivers, bridges and plants, and all the furniture and lighting is spectacular. Oh, and the food......Every dish was "Wait!!. Don't eat any yet, I want to take a photo!" We had 3 starters (between 2 of us) as we couldn't decide and they are only a fiver! I had "mushrooms 2-ways" which consisted of a square white plate, in one corner was a little white cappuccino cup filled with delicious mushroom soup; the other corner had a pile of truffle. In the middle was what looked like a fork, but was actually the silhouette of a fork in some sort of powder. We are vegetarian and there was plenty of choice. Usually photogenic food is small and not filling, but this was good portions and we left stuffed! 3 starters, 2 mains an excellent bottle of Indian Malbec and 2 liqueur coffees came to £48 including the tip. AND there was a complimentary entree! A Reverie also has the poshest toilets I have ever been in too! I had had a very bad experience the previous evening in a typical Goan loo and had taken an emergency toilet pack out as a precaution! Not needed here: when i washed my hands the water ran down a bronze leaf and into my hand! We loved it so much that we went back a few days later with some friends. They had the "prawns 3 ways" for starter which was 3 mini cocktail glasses each filled with differently cooked prawns. The waiters were all very attentive, the service was great. I would go back again without hesitation!

  • "I'm coming back for more..."

    Un - friggin - believable! It was all simply sublime! Yes of course, the ambience... elegant, staff... courteous & attentive, but it was the food that was classy & very international. The portions were just so that you enjoyed a 3 course meal & left with a look of contentment. And yeah, this isn’t no bargain meal... after all it was haute cuisine, and well worth it. Will surely be going back for seconds.

  • "Nicest dining experience in Goa"

    We went to A Reverie for our anniversary dinner, and had an amazing experience. We had heard about this place a number of times, but had never got a chance to visit earlier - but can now say that it was our best dining experience in Goa. The decor and ambiance is excellent, and they had live jazz music (I think they have this every weekend). The restaurant is very spacious and the lighting and decoration is very classy and elegant. The staff was very courteous, and they went out of the way to make the experience memorable for us (including a celebratory dessert in the end). But most importantly, A Reverie scores where it matters most - in terms of food and drinks. Whatever we tried was excellent, and left us wanting for more. We will be visiting again!

  • "Heavenly Gourmet"

    The Chefs here have magic fingers. Try anything and you will be satisfied with the flavour. ..... worth a meal in lavish gourmet style.

  • "Fine dining at its best."

    The decor is very stylish, even the toilets are of a high standard, would really love the wash basin in my bathroom at home. The attention to detail is excellent. The food is divine, and the staff very well trained in their service. Sat in the restaurant, you would not believe you were in India. A great place for special occasions. Recommend highly, and will return again.

  • "A special place to remember."

    Welcome and service not to be faulted. Saved this restaurant for my partners fair well to Goa our last night dinning out. Lived up to all I had planned. She was impressed and enjoyed every moment. Every course cooked to perfection. Well worth the visit. Thank you all.

  • "Perfect night to make a perfect memory"

    A Reverie deserves my highest recommendation. Last night I proposed to my girlfriend in the restaurant and the owners had been instrumental in organising the perfect dining experience for such a special occasion. The chef arranged the ring on the trio of deserts and was brought out while my girlfriends favourite song played out over the stereo - this makes me somewhat biased obviously but before this special moment the food and cocktails had been delicious. it is in a different league. The food was amazing - Honestly some of the best food I have ever tasted. The ambience was relaxed and unpretentious while remaining classy and beautiful. If you want to create a special memory from your time in Goa then do not hesitate - book a table at A Reverie today!

  • "Wow!!"

    We loved this restaurant. We came here under a recommendation from a work colleague and we were very impressed. There wasn't anything not to like. The service was fabulous the decor beautiful and the food sensational. Here, we had some of the best food we've ever eaten and the presentation was a work of art. We celebrated an anniversary the night we visited and we were given a complimentary chocolate pudding that was 'almost' to pretty to eat - what a nice touch. It's also worth coming in for drinks as the terraced bar area is lovely, and if you want to sample the quality of the food before committing to the restaurant you can pick something from the tapas menu. Can't wait to go back again!!

  • "Amazing Ambiance, Creative Cuisine and on the qui vive!"

    It is one of those places; we never miss out on our trip to Goa every year. We love the atmosphere and always enjoy the food immensely. The owners are passionate about everything at the place, not only the food. And it shows. Here in Europe we would pay an arm and leg to eat at a place like this. Goa has many cheaper places to eat but you can see why they are cheaper, A Reverie is much classier. We had a wonderful evening, and will like to recommend all. We are certainly going again.

  • "Superlative!"

    Great restaurant!..... Excellent food. Beautiful dreamy atmosphere. The food is so creative in taste and looks that each visit is a treat. For us, no trip to Goa is complete without a visit to A Reverie. I only wish they were open all year round.

  • "Amazing Food and Setting"

    A.....mazing. I've ate in top London restaurants but this place beats it for the whole fine dining experience. An amazing setting with food to match, I had the seared tuna starter with Wasabi foam followed by the fillet steak the was the size of my fist and cooked to perfection. My GF had prawns then fillet and she was blown away too. Amazing presentation and accompaniments. We had a bottle of Sula and I got an extra couple of beers, we finished off by going to sit on the comfy seats and had a cherry/champagne mojito, Gorgeous romantic setting, gorgeous food, presentation, ambience, service was all the finest of fine dining quality. Even the toilets were the nicest we used all holiday.

  • "Fine dining excellent food and surroundings"

    Went here, Scotch smoked salmon to start. partner had sliced bbq chicken, beautifully presented, great delicate flavours, followed by one of the best fillet steaks and smoked duck fillets ever eaten and have had e few, not cheap by Goan standards, but the whole meal about the same as you would pay for the fillet alone brilliant, even if just as a special treat before you leave or on a good night out, get dressed enjoy the occasion, you won’t regret it.

  • "Simply the best"

    Well what can I say that hasn`t already been said think that the food in Goa is on the whole very good, but this one stands head and shoulders above the rest, when we first walked in I drew a breath it really is beautiful, in fact one of the nicest restaurants i have ever been in, the food was fabulous, but the presentation was as good as i1ve seen in any top London restaurant, this restaurant is a real dining experience

  • "Best restaurant in North Goa, by far!"

    We visited this restaurant just last week and can honestly say it is the best restaurant I have ever been in, not just in India. The ambience, food (presentation was fab!) decor, atmosphere and staff were all first class. It was a great experience and yes, some of the other restaurants leave a lot to be desired! .........treat yourself.

  • "Great place!"

    Goa is place that seems to be riddled with places selling bad food accompanied with pathetic service but this one seems to break away from the herd. A must.

  • "Balanced perfection"

    A reverie is not just a restaurant but a lab for culinary science. All of the food is prepared with the essence of tastes involved. The small portions are perfect as you can enjoy the simplicity of the ingredients in the complexity of texture and presentation. The euphoric reaction it leaves you with is fulfillment and contentment. It’s also a great place for vegetarians and vegans as the cuisine is so diverse yet so specific to your needs. My wife and I are very very fussy eaters but this is the only restaurant in India I can just mention what we are in the mood for and get more that what we expected. The ambiance is relaxed and yet very refined they also have a private table which is a must for the romantic couples to enjoy time to themselves and be waited on with food that helps with its aphrodisiac qualities, needless to say it’s a nudge towards creating timeless memories of your relationship.The wines and spirits are brilliant choices a malt maniac and a wine connoisseur have excellent choices. The cocktails are all to die for as there are tastes that have not been explored before and are truly masterpieces of alcoholic alchemy.It’s truly the best restaurant in Goa if not in India. Should India move on to the Three Hat system or the Michelin star system this place would be at the top. If you are fed up with the standard fare offered by other high end restaurants, no matter how big their portions or how opulent they look, you should try a Reverie to be taken on a voyage of tasteful sensations that create happy long lasting memories.

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