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The Food

A Reverie is dramatically transformed with a fresh approach and energy.

We call our dishes edible installations and all is not what it seems!

Food can do much more than just fill your stomach. At A Reverie, we are particularly interested in triggering memories through aromas, landscapes, childhood, surroundings and life. Some creations play with aroma, texture and flavour while others are designed to be provocative, tell a story or evoke an emotion. Most importantly, deliciousness! A Reverie is an expression of the evolution of the food on the table and the surrounding environment.

We want your experience at A Reverie to be anything but dull. Nothing about a meal here would be humdrum.

From our appetisers or sharing tapas plates and main courses to our stunning array of sweet‘treats’ that round off the meal, there will always at least one dish that makes you feel glad to be alive.

At a more profound level, it's about food that resonates on an emotional as well as sensual level and "it demands psychological reflection." In other words, one doesn’t come to A Reverie for a meal, one comes for an experience……

The best of 18 years

The food at A Reverie makes the surreal surroundings blur out of focus; a feat which only the best restaurants can manage. When nothing else is left to entertain and distract, you can only concentrate on what's on your plate, which happens to be some of the very best food in Goa

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