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The Liquid

A Reverie aims to transform the surreal into the tangible through potable narratives with their drink list.

We didn’t grow up with Manhattan style cocktails. We grew up with our grand moms using mango, ginger, cardamom, sugarcane and cinnamon in her cooling concoctions. So, we put together what we know. It’s a vast arsenal that we have to play with including the likes of Goan urrak, turmeric leaves, tefla and kokum paired with spirits from around the region. The result? Potent house infused fabrications! Its part our bar's DNA. It’s about connecting with our roots and the surroundings.

A Reverie is an expression of the evolution of food, wine, spirits, cocktails on the table and the surrounding environment. We have a deep-rooted ethos that involves entwining an ecosystem creating a direct link between the earth, the kitchen, the bar and the diner; to breed a gastro-botanical cocktail concept.

We have composed a melody of cocktails - titled “The Art of Intoxicology”. Our cocktail list only has one caveat and that is to inspire the uninspired into finding their new favorite tipple. We hope to bring a sense of excitement and exploration in the form of a great night out, any night of the week.

For us at A Reverie, it is all about sustainability. We need to get enough while not ruining the environment. That’s why we start small at 10 per cent and gauge if it’s okay to use a certain amount of an ingredient a month and then it is also about how do we extract flavour from the ingredient? That's actually very important because we’re dealing with small numbers here in Goa (unlike metros). Like the frangipani from our garden, we’ve just got little bit, so we lengthen the flavour by infusing it with vodka, salt and sugar. So, we start out with a handful of these flowers but stretch out its flavours into a few hundred millilitres.  We can distil ingredients like jasmine and pair it up with other foraged ingredients. It is a matter of testing and matching the flavour profile. What grows together goes together. We create a good cocktail from ingredients we source from the same area like jackfruit, green peppercorns, and turmeric root. Then for example, you have things like wild curry leaves and wild pepper which tastes more robust, so we could just cut down the amount or mellow it out with a saltier cocktail.

Flip through our menu, that features a globe-straddling collection of neo (innovative) and classic (traditional) inspired drinks.

With our re-invented classics (traditional) cocktail list; we teleport age-old recipes into the 21st century. With this part of our list, we hope to celebrate biodiversity and heritage, pushing mixology limits to delight our barfly (this a new age slang term referring to people who love lingering and socializing at bars) with re-invented creations; whilst respecting the environment and working on a zero-carbon, responsible luxury philosophy by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Then, our neo style (innovative) cocktail list is about daring flavor marriages where our kitchen and mixology team use avant-garde techniques to create illusionary effects with fresh local produce as well as the best of preservation craftsmanship with globally sourced ingredients allowing them both to play their individual roles as protagonists. Thus, surprising guests with exciting unexpected flavours, textures, and temperatures combining unusual herbs, flowers, roots, spices, fruits and spirits.

Cocktails at A Reverie are more than just an afterthought.

It’s a place where ethanol concoctions and cuisine are given the same attention to detail; where bartenders are trained as chefs; where the produce and herbs are carefully sourced and procured fresh daily; where the name and branding of the spirit mixed is less important than its actual flavor; where drinks are made quickly and consistently in a state-of-the-art drink kitchen; where innovation and tradition are both honored.

A Reverie Drinks

A Reverie boasts of one of the largest and well stocked bars in Goa. Aperitifs and Bitters, Sherry and Port, Scotch and Single Malts, Cognac and Liqueurs appear limitless.

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