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The Liquid

As with all fine food, it deserves nothing better than to be partnered with the perfect drink. Our wine list features outstanding selections to complement each carefully prepared dish. The range includes finest French, Italian, Australian, Chilean wines to exciting new wine from unusual grape varieties or less known countries, to carefully guarded vintage wines.

As design-driven as this place is, the cocktails are more than just an afterthought. The drinks are really cared about in here! There’s a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients and home-made infusions; all complex and nuanced creations with ingredients including wasabi infused vodka, beetroot, high mountain tea, local toddy and even chaat masala (though mercifully not all in the same drink).

The drinks are mixed with skill and the fabulous Tapas to go with them are light, tropical and accomplished (Expect divine gourmet dishes strewn with edible flowers as well as good old fish and chips). All these elements together form a brilliant package that few other venues can match: slick, chilled and subtly threaded with hedonism.

A Reverie Drinks

A Reverie boasts of one of the largest and well stocked bars in Goa. Aperitifs and Bitters, Sherry and Port, Scotch and Single Malts, Cognac and Liqueurs appear limitless.

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