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It's the entire package, from its ingredient ingenuity to flawless execution
The Drinks Experience
At A Reverie we strive to transform the surreal into the tangible through potable narratives with our concoctions and to do so we have composed a melody of cocktails -titled “The Art of Intoxicology”. Through our trialed, tested and crafted selection we hope to bring a sense of excitement and exploration in a glass, trying to create a sense of wonder with every sip.

We didn’t grow up with Manhattan style cocktails. We grew up with our grand moms using mango, ginger, cardamom, sugarcane and cinnamon in hercooling concoctions. So, we put together what we know. Using indigenous spirits and seasonal produce and garnishes we elevate classic recipes into a uniquely creative and hyperlocal reincarnation.
Our wine list spans old world and new with selections of the finest indigenous varietals from India, France, Italy, Australia, Chile, South Africa to exciting new wines from unusual grape varieties or less known countries, to carefully guarded vintage wines. It includes a varied selection of modestly priced wines too.

Sipping wine at A Reverie is a pinch-yourself treat, with choices of stunning rarity and age, bottles you might count yourself lucky to stumble upon.

The wine wall is part of the spectacle. Often called by guests an oenophile pilgrimage (term for wine connoisseur) attracting not just our diners but even regular people just looking to purchase a good bottle of wine. Our wines are sourced only from reliable distributors and importers, who are careful and meticulous about the handling, transportation and storage of these wines, thus maintaining their delicate flavours. Once procured, they’re carefully stored in a temperature-controlled environment, ready to be savoured.
Cocktails at A Reverie are more than just an afterthought. It’s a place where ethanol concoctions and cuisine are given the same attention to detail; where bartenders are artisans and the drink is the canvas; where the produce and herbs are carefully sourced and procured fresh daily; where the name and branding of the spirit mixed is less important than its actual flavor; where drinks are made with a touch of panache; where innovation and tradition are both honored.

Our neo style cocktail list is about daring flavor marriages where our kitchen and mixology team use avant-garde techniques to create illusionary effects with fresh local produce as well as the best of preservation craftsmanship with globally sourced ingredients allowing them both to play their individual roles as protagonists. Thus, surprising guests with exciting unexpected flavours, textures, and temperatures combining unusual herbs, flowers, roots, spices, fruits and spirits.
It’s a vast arsenal that we have to play with, including the likes of Goan ‘urrak’,and ‘feni’ along with local artisanal liquors to create distinct and complex flavour notes whilst retaining the familiarity of classical combinations. These locally sourced spirits along with our available high-end premium liquors from around the globe give us a myriad of brushes to paint with. We combine local and tropical flavours like the turmeric leaves, teflan and kokum paired with spirits from around the region. The result? Potent house infused fabrications birthed from the rich historical, natural and cultural tapestry of the land we call home. Its part our bar's DNA to connect with our roots and the surroundings in a manner that is visceral and yet whimsical.