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Our Philosophy
At a Reverie, we break the mold of bar dining. The legend goes that the thirteenth-century Castilian king Alfonso the X (the Wise) was ill and had to eat small snacks with his wine between meals to maintain his strength. After he recovered, he passed a law that beer and wine served in taverns be accompanied with food and thus, the concept of Tapas was born. We take that a step further, our bar food is based on 4 key ideologies.
We believe
1) Mindful Drinking - Alcohol defuses through the walls of the stomach very quickly. The less is in there, the faster it will enter your blood stream. From a social point of view, people feel its effects much quicker. From a physiological point of view, the faster it is absorbed into your body, the bigger impact it has upon your liver, digestive system, kidneys, and cardiovascular system.
The smaller deliciously packed bites we serve not only aids in a better intake of alcohol but also creates an experience beyond just a sidecar on a rocket ship, but rather, two dancers going hand in hand in an enriched symphony.

2) Local and environmental sustainability - We move towards conscious dining and ethical foraging; ensuring that the biological diversity encompassing plants, animals and marine ecosystems are not over-exploited.
Using minimally-processed foods, reviving ancient grains, encouraging the use of non-GMO produce, reducing food wastage, preserving foods using techniques like pickling, smoking and fermentation is quintessential. Our food at A Reverie reflects our philosophy towards the environment, we do not take our food for granted just as we do not take nature for granted. This allows for more latitude than a traditional vegetarian or vegan diet, with small amounts of meat, dairy, and other animal products coming together to create something delicious but yet sourced from the gifts of nature.
3) An experience beyond just 'bar food' - Drinking and snacking is a perfectly symbiotic relationship. Drinkers need quick, satisfying sustenance to keep them coherent, while certain foods—most often the fattiest, saltiest, most indulgent—become infinitely more satisfying when enjoyed through a thin veneer of intoxication. Frequent/intoxicated drinkers would prefer food that demands you not look at it too closely, often borne out of restricted circumstances and creativity, you might be able to get something to eat, but it was bar food, plain and simple—small snacks and handheld bites engineered to be tasty yet forgettable. A Reverie’s dishes have an emotional trigger. Our food tells stories, evokes memories, accounts for cultural differences, informs as well as nourishes and lends to a greater sense of belonging.
Our aim is for our cuisine to boldly challenge the diner on many levels, from both a sensory and ethical perspective, posing questions that extend far beyond the traditional culinary spectrum.
This is not only a necessity but a gift to future generations of chefs and diners. Any recipe is simply a literal translation of the personality of our Chef de Cuisine, Aakritee Sinh. In a restaurant, it is a way of giving -- a bite of one’s life’s experiences as a chef, culinary connoisseur and as a human being.
To break the familiar; the kitchen, our vegetable garden, and the lab intersect. The synergy on a plate is simultaneously driven obsessively by the intuitive connection of our chef de cuisine along with the sustainable bounty of the natural environment. At a Reverie, we believe in responsible drinking and dining and as such, we strive to go BEYOND just bar food.

4) The ergonomics of drink - Big meal stops drinking, so many folks steer clear and no one likes to keep their glass aside or grease up their hands with a burger or cutting through a steak at a bar. Responsible & mindful drinking can only happen with food as an accomplice. With Piecewise tasting tapas/ bites like the basque pinchos you need just one hand to eat it. Not two. Don‘t even think about a fork and knife. It allows a relaxed yet open environment to enjoy both your drink as well as your food.