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It's the entire package, from its ingredient ingenuity to flawless execution
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A Reverie’s dishes have a emotional trigger. Our food tells stories, evokes memories, accounts for cultural differences, informs as well as nourishes and lends to a greater sense of belonging.
Our aim is for our cuisine to boldly challenge the diner on many levels, from both a sensory and ethical perspective, posing questions that extend far beyond the traditional culinary spectrum. This is not only a necessity but a gift to future generations of chefs and diners.
Any recipe is simply a literal translation of the personality of the cook. In a restaurant, it is a way of giving -- a bite of one’s life’s experiences both as a cook and as a human being.
A Reverie’s menu personifies parts of my eccentric personality where my dishes can at times be shocking – visceral even as well as my deepest reflections on culture, literature, art and philosophy.
As the restaurant is soon reaching its two decades, my love for the lyrics of the natural world has come ever more to the fore in my food. Today my dishes are as unrestrained as I am and thoughtful without being austere or anything less than generous. Dishes are unexpected, deceptive and intended to throw one off gear. To break the familiar; the kitchen, our vegetable garden and the lab intersect. The synergy on a plate is simultaneously driven obsessively by the intuitive connection that I have with the sustainable bounty of the natural environment.
I believe that food can be more than just a means for sustenance; it can be evocative, nostalgic and thought provoking: appealing to all senses. Of course, the key to all this, is that the purity of the ingredients is preserved, it is healthful and needless to say...every morsel must be delectable.